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Plated Events

What Is A Plated Dinner?
With this option, we will plate and serve your guests a salad, and then serve an entree plate. Bread baskets with butter will be placed at each table for self-service.

The Salad
Each plated dinner includes a personal garden salad with bowls of dressing on each table. We offer upgrades to our salads if you prefer something different.

There are two options available as far as salad service. Salads can be preset, which means they will be ready at each place setting when you arrive.

They can also be served, which means we will bring the salads from the kitchen and serve only when you are ready to eat. This is the typical option, especially if there is a cocktail hour.

The Dinner
The dinner plate is served after your guests have finished their salads and we have cleared their plates.

Each plated dinner option includes your entree (or multiple entrees) plus two sides choices. For side choices we recommend one vegetable and one starch (potato, rice or pasta). Additional sides are available for an additional charge.

To ensure the quality of our food, and the service time involved, we highly recommend having only one plate choice per event. This means with the exception of a few (special diets, kids, etc.) every guest will receive the same plate. Food will come out of our kitchen faster, will be served by our staff faster and everyone will receive much hotter food.

We understand that not everyone will want to eat the same thing, that's why we offer combination plates. These combo plates include multiple entrees on a single plate, allowing you to offer your guests more variety.

I Want My Guests To "Choose" A Plated Entree
If you insist on plated choices for your event (for example you want 80 chicken and 50 salmon), we must charge a  "Plating Fee" equal to twenty percent of the total food order. This is a fee designed only to cover our additional kitchen and wait staff needed to serve your guests.

Vegetarian/Vegan/Kids/Gluten-Free, Etc.
We will gladly accommodate vegetarian/vegan, special dietary restrictions and kid entrees with no minimum (prior notice required). You will not be charged the "plating fee" because of these items.

Our Menu Choices
Below you will find our "typical" plated items. We can create a plate that matches your taste and could plate most items found in our buffet menu, or any special requests. We have found that pairing multiple options with a single sauce (as found below) will create a more unified plate (and happier guests).

Prices are per serving unless otherwise noted and are subject to change.  For off-premise catering, the menu price will include disposables, food & beverage tablecloths and chafers & food displays.  Staffing, equipment and rental items are available and delivery fees apply.  Contact our Off-Premise Catering Manager or visit this page for extras pricing information.

We highly recommend a China and Silverware Upgrade for plated events.

Entrée Choices

Single Entrees
Additional options can be found under the buffet menu section.  An additional 20% plating charge may apply.  Unless otherwise stated, all plated dinners include two side choices, salad and rolls.

Chicken          $ 21.45
Grilled breast of chicken with your choice of one sauce (herb broth, béarnaise, or soy-ginger)

Beef Tenderloin          $ 25.25
A generous cut of Filet Mignon rubbed with our famous Montreal Steak Blend with your choice of one sauce (herb butter, demi glace or béarnaise sauce)

Flank Steak          $ 21.45
Some of the tastiest grilled marinated flank steak around! Sliced thin and served with horseradish sauce and its own juices

Salmon          $ 23.95
Grilled salmon filet with your choice of sauce (Béarnaise, herb butter, garlic lemon beurre blanc, or soy-ginger glaze) 

Vegetarian          $ 18.85
Plated vegetarian options include roasted acorn squash bowl or pasta primavera (see descriptions under the buffet section). Vegetable and starch choices will match those chosen for other dinners


Multiple Entrees
Combination plates to please the masses. Unless otherwise stated, all plated dinners include two side choices, salad and rolls.

Grilled Filet & Chicken          $ 23.95
Grilled breast of chicken paired with a 4 oz beef tenderloin filet and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include herb broth, red wine reduction, béarnaise and roasted red pepper sauce

Grilled Chicken & Salmon          $ 22.95
Grilled breast of chicken paired with a grilled salmon filet and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include herb broth, chardonnay sauce, béarnaise and soy-ginger glaze

Grilled Chicken & Shrimp          $ 22.95
Grilled breast of chicken paired with 4 jumbo fried shrimp and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include béarnaise, herbed butter or roasted red pepper sauce

Surf & Turf          $ 26.35
Grilled salmon filet paired with a 4 oz beef tenderloin filet and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include herb broth, herbed butter, roasted red pepper sauce, béarnaise and soy-ginger glaze

Steak & Shrimp          $ 25.65
Grilled 4 oz portion of beef tenderloin paired with 4 jumbo coconut fried shrimp and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include béarnaise, herbed butter or roasted red pepper sauce

Steak & Crab Cake          $ 27.85
Grilled 4 oz portion of beef tenderloin paired with our signature jumbo crab cake and joined by one sauce. Sauce choices include béarnaise or roasted red pepper sauce

Specialty Plated Dinners
These plates come with salad and bread but no extra side choices unless stated.

Kids Plate          $ 7.45
Fried chicken tenderloin strips with French fries

Chicken Alfredo Pasta          $ 18.95
One of our large pasta bowls generously filled with pasta covered in homemade creamy alfredo sauce topped with sliced grilled chicken breast and fresh herbs

Sea Bass          $ 27.75
Pan seared and served upon a timbale of Israeli couscous pilaf. With roasted baby vegetables and a roasted tomato-saffron broth. Garnished with shaved fennel

Frenched Chicken          $ 24.75
Pan seared and topped with a creamy Dijonaise sauce, accompanied by haricot vert & creamed garlic potatoes  

Osso Bucco          $ 28.75
Slowly braised veal shanks set atop a parsnip potato puree with haricot vert, baby carrots and a rich veal demi glace. Garnished with fried sweet potato strips and a parsley and lemon zest gremolata

Side Choices
All plated entrees include a choice of one vegetable and one starch.
We will gladly help you choose sides to match your entrée.
Extra side choices are $ 1.35 per serving.



● Steamed broccoli
● Steamed broccoli, carrots & cauliflower
● Stir-fried seasonal vegetables
● Honey glazed carrots
● Squash medley with tomato & basil
● Corn with confetti peppers
● Green beans amandine
● Roasted asparagus *
● Cauliflower au gratin *
● Roasted root vegetable medley *
● Haricot vert *

● Herb roasted red potatoes
● Sweet potato soufflé
● Mashed potatoes
● Baked potato (with butter & sour cream)
● Buttered pasta with parmesan
● Pasta with marinara sauce
● Wild grain blend rice
● Herbed Rice
● Mushroom (or saffron) risotto *
● Potato au gratin *         
● Orchiette pasta with arugula, pine nuts and tomato * 
* - Premium may apply


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