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ST-180   Alaea Hawaiian Salt Tin
ST-183   Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt Tin
IR-137   Anise Seed Refill Pouch
IT-136   Anise Seed Tin
ST-184   Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
ST-186   Bali Pyramid Salt Tin
IR-020   Basil Refill Pouch
IT-019   Basil Tin
IR-022   Bay Leaf Refill Pouch
IT-021   Bay Leaf Tin
IR-116   Black Sesame Seeds Refill Pouch
IT-115   Black Sesame Seeds Tin
zBreDel   Breakfast Delivery (STM Campus)
BR-008   Cajun Seasoning Refill Pouch
BT-001   Cajun Seasoning Tin
IR-024   Caraway Seeds Refill Pouch
IT-023   Caraway Seeds Tin
IR-028   Cardamom Powder Refill Pouch
IT-027   Cardamom Powder Tin
zCatering   Catering Food & Beverage
IR-030   Cayenne Pepper Refill Pouch
IT-029   Cayenne Pepper Tin
IR-032   Celery Seed Refill Pouch
IT-031   Celery Seed Tin
IR-034   Chili Powder Refill Pouch
IT-033   Chili Powder Tin
IR-036   Chives Refill Pouch
IT-035   Chives Tin
IR-038   Cilantro Refill Pouch
IT-037   Cilantro Tin
IR-040   Cinnamon Sticks (1") Refill Pouch
IT-039   Cinnamon Sticks (1") Tin
ST-185   Coarse Grinder Salt Tin
IR-056   Dill Seed Refill Pouch
IT-055   Dill Seed Tin
IR-058   Dill Weed Refill Pouch
IT-057   Dill Weed Tin
KH-WNL6-RJTR   Empty Tin, 4 oz, PACK OF 6
E6-P31Z-WNND   Empty Tin, 8 oz (JUMBO), PACK OF 6.
P-129   Far East Eight Gift Box
BR-141   Four Pepper Blend Refill Pouch
BT-140   Four Pepper Blend Tin
P-132   Full Pantry Pack
IR-064   Granulated Garlic Refill Pouch
IT-063   Granulated Garlic Tin
IR-018   Ground Allspice Refill Pouch
IT-017   Ground Allspice Tin
IR-042   Ground Cinnamon Refill Pouch
IT-041   Ground Cinnamon Tin
IR-046   Ground Cloves Refill Pouch
IT-045   Ground Cloves Tin
IR-050   Ground Coriander Refill Pouch
IT-049   Ground Coriander Tin
IR-054   Ground Cumin Refill Pouch
IT-053   Ground Cumin Tin
IR-062   Ground Fennel Seed Refill Pouch
IT-061   Ground Fennel Seed Tin
IR-074   Ground Mace Refill Pouch
IT-073   Ground Mace Tin
IR-086   Ground Nutmeg Refill Pouch
IT-085   Ground Nutmeg Tin
BR-009   Herbes de Provence Refill Pouch
BT-002   Herbes de Provence Tin
ST-182   Himalayan Pink Salt Tin
ST-181   Hiwa Kai Black Salt Tin
IR-092   Hungarian Paprika Refill Pouch
IT-091   Hungarian Paprika Tin
BR-010   Italian Herb Blend Refill Pouch
BT-003   Italian Herb Blend Tin
IR-070   Juniper Berries Refill Pouch
IT-069   Juniper Berries Tin
zFishADULTD   KOC Adult Fish Dinner - PICKUP ONLY - $10
zFishADULTL   KOC Adult Fish Lunch - PICKUP ONLY - $8
zFishKIDSD   KOC Kids Meal Dinner - PICKUP ONLY - $4
zFishKIDSL   KOC Kids Meal Lunch - PICKUP ONLY - $4
E-172   Large Magnet Strips - 6 pack, for 8 oz JUMBO spice tins
IR-072   Lavender Refill Pouch
IT-071   Lavender Tin
BR-011   Madras Curry Blend Refill Pouch
BT-004   Madras Curry Blend Tin
IR-076   Marjoram Refill Pouch
IT-075   Marjoram Tin
P-128   Mediterranean Dozen Gift Box
BR-013   Montreal Steak Blend Refill Pouch
BT-006   Montreal Steak Blend Tin
P-142   Mortar & Pestle Gift Box
BR-165   Mulling Spice Refill Pouch
BT-164   Mulling Spice Tin
IR-082   Mustard Powder Refill Pouch
IT-081   Mustard Powder Tin
IR-088   Onion Powder Refill Pouch
IT-087   Onion Powder Tin
IR-090   Oregano Refill Pouch
IT-089   Oregano Tin
OR-146   Organic Basil Refill Pouch
OT-145   Organic Basil Tin
OR-148   Organic Cinnamon Refill Pouch
OT-147   Organic Cinnamon Tin
OR-150   Organic Granulated Garlic Refill Pouch
OT-149   Organic Granulated Garlic Tin
OR-152   Organic Mustard Powder Refill Pouch
OT-151   Organic Mustard Powder Tin
OT-153   Organic Oregano Tin
OR-156   Organic Paprika Refill Pouch
OT-155   Organic Paprika Tin
OR-158   Organic Red Pepper Flakes Refill Pouch
OT-157   Organic Red Pepper Flakes Tin
IR-096   Parsley Flakes Refill Pouch
IT-095   Parsley Flakes Tin
IR-106   Poppy Seeds Refill Pouch
IT-105   Poppy Seeds Tin
IR-066   Powdered Garlic Refill Pouch
IT-065   Powdered Garlic Tin
IR-068   Powdered Ginger Refill Pouch
IT-067   Powdered Ginger Tin
IR-108   Red Pepper Flakes Refill Pouch
IT-107   Red Pepper Flakes Tin
IR-110   Rosemary Refill Pouch
IT-109   Rosemary Tin
IR-112   Rubbed Sage Refill Pouch
IT-111   Rubbed Sage Tin
P-127   Signature Blends Gift Box
E-133   Small Magnet Strips - 6 pack, for 4 oz spice tins
IR-094   Smoked Spanish Paprika Refill Pouch
IT-093   Smoked Spanish Paprika Tin
BR-012   Southwest Seasoning Refill Pouch
BT-005   Southwest Seasoning Tin
E-171   Spice Labels - 80 Blank
IR-120   Star Anise Refill Pouch
IT-119   Star Anise Tin
IR-139   Szechuan Pepper Refill Pouch
IT-138   Szechuan Pepper Tin
IR-122   Tarragon Refill Pouch
IT-121   Tarragon Tin
P-143   The Grinders A Gift Box
P-144   The Grinders B Gift Box
IR-124   Thyme Refill Pouch
IT-123   Thyme Tin
P-135   Top Four Gift Box
ST-187   Trapani Sea Salt Tin
BR-014   Turkish Spice Blend Refill Pouch
BT-007   Turkish Spice Blend Tin
IR-126   Turmeric Refill Pouch
IT-125   Turmeric Tin
P-131   Wedding Gift Box
IR-118   White Sesame Seeds Refill Pouch
IT-117   White Sesame Seeds Tin
IR-016   Whole Allspice Refill Pouch
IT-015   Whole Allspice Tin
IR-098   Whole Black Peppercorns Refill Pouch
IT-097   Whole Black Peppercorns Tin
IR-078   Whole Brown Mustard Seed Refill Pouch
IT-077   Whole Brown Mustard Seed Tin
IR-026   Whole Cardamom Pods Refill Pouch
IT-025   Whole Cardamom Pods Tin
IR-044   Whole Cloves Refill Pouch
IT-043   Whole Cloves Tin
IR-048   Whole Coriander Seed Refill Pouch
IT-047   Whole Coriander Seed Tin
IR-052   Whole Cumin Seed Refill Pouch
IT-051   Whole Cumin Seed Tin
P-130   Whole Dozen Gift Box
IR-060   Whole Fennel Seed Refill Pouch
IT-059   Whole Fennel Seed Tin
IR-084   Whole Nutmeg Refill Pouch
IT-083   Whole Nutmeg Tin
IR-104   Whole Pink Peppercorns Refill Pouch
IT-103   Whole Pink Peppercorns Tin
IR-102   Whole Tellicherry Peppercorns Refill Pouch
IT-101   Whole Tellicherry Peppercorns Tin
IR-100   Whole White Peppercorns Refill Pouch
IT-099   Whole White Peppercorns Tin
IR-080   Whole Yellow Mustard Seed Refill Pouch
IT-079   Whole Yellow Mustard Seed Tin

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